Forbes stated richest billionaires of world

American Forbes published an annual rating of the richest billionaires of the world. For the fourth time in a row he was headed by the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Its condition is estimated at $ 177 billion – $ 64 billion more than in the last year ranking.

Last year, Bezos was the only person in the Forbes list with a twelve-digit state, now there are four of them. One of them is the founder of Tesla Ilon Mask, in a year rose from the 31st immediately to the second line of the ranking. Last year, TESLA shares rose more than 700%, and the company became the most expensive automaker in the world. Following the shares of Tesla, the state of the mask took off and the state of the mask: in comparison with last year’s rating, it added more than $ 126 billion and is now estimated at $ 151 billion

The third position retained the main owner of the fashion house LVMH Bernard Arno: The state of his Famil family estimates at $ 150 billion – almost twice as much as in the last year’s ranking. The co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates fell from the second to the fourth line of the rating, despite the fact that his condition has grown from $ 98 billion to $ 124 billion

Closes the five richest billionaires Founder Facebook Mark Zuckerberg with a state of $ 97 billion. Last year, he was at the seventh place, and its condition was estimated at $ 54.7 billion

In the top 10 rating also included an investor Warren Buffett ($ 96 billion), the founder of Orcle Larry Ellison ($ 93 billion), the founders of Google Larry Page ($ 91.5 billion) and Sergey Brin ($ 89 billion), as well as the richest businessman India, owner Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani ($ 84.5 billion).