Foreign Minister of Armenia: opening of borders with neighboring countries will be beneficial not only economically, but also politically

The opening of the border gates with neighboring countries will be beneficial not only economically, but also politically. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan, speaking at the session “International trade, interconnection and interdependence” organized as part of the III diplomatic forum in Antalya.

Mirzoyan emphasized that for international trade it is necessary to expand the contacts of people with each other and they should become closer to each other culturally.

“Armenia is a country that has no access to the sea, therefore, as Armenians, we know that it is very important for us to be part of international trade. We are not only a country that has no access to the sea, but we have only two borders, we have opened, And this means that our borders with our other two neighbors have been closed for more than 30 years, ”he said.

Armenian minister spoke about the importance of opening borders with neighboring countries.

“When you establish ties with other countries, you not only contribute to your economy, but also give the opportunity to become addicted to each other, which also has positive consequences from the point of view of establishing peace. We experienced this in our region, therefore We undertook various initiatives in terms of opening points of passing and facilitating trade, and we saw that this contributes to the world, ”Mirzoyan emphasized.

Deputy Prime Minister Iraq and Foreign Minister Fuad Hosein, in turn, said that Iraq, like other countries, is connected with the rest of the world.

“Iraq is also a country that has remained isolated because of many wars. Starting since 2005, we began to try to make Iraq more related to the rest of the world at various levels, especially from the point of view of diplomatic and economic ties. We are still trying to return Our economy is in the right direction, because our economy was destroyed by these wars. The sanctions also influenced. That is why our economy was supposed to benefit from technology and innovation in the process of restructuring, ”he said.

Hossein explained that they were also greatly influenced by a drop in oil prices during the Covid-19 period and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“Our communication with other countries was also badly damaged, and we had problems with the security of the country’s economy, since we are a country that is very dependent on oil,” said the Iraq Foreign Ministry.