Foreign Minister of Armenia: Yerevan is interested in restoring railway message with Azerbaijan

Armenia is interested in restoring railway communication with Azerbaijan.

About this, the Foreign Ministry of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan said at a meeting with Ian Borg, the current chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and Malta Trade, who arrived in Yerevan on a working visit.

Mirzoyan said that a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jahun Bayramov in Almaty was held in a favorable atmosphere, the official Armenian news agency Armenpress.

It is necessary that the mutual recognition of the territorial integrity of the two countries and the work on delimitation and demarcation of borders are carried out in accordance with the 1991 Almaty Declaration, said the head of the Armenian diplomatic mission.

The Minister expressed the conviction that the inclusion of the principles of the declaration under consideration in a peace agreement concluded with Azerbaijan will put an end to a long regional conflict and establish a strong world in the South Caucasus.

An important component of the world is the discovery of transport communications in the region, emphasized the Foreign Minister of Armenia.

“We are interested in restoring a railway message with Azerbaijan at the first stage. Of course, all infrastructures will be under the sovereignty of the countries through which they pass, will act in accordance with the jurisdiction of these countries and, of course, the regulation will be mutual and in accordance with the principle of the principle equality, ”said the head of the Armenian Foreign Ministry.

After decades of conflicts and suffering, it is extremely important that the peoples of Armenia and Azerbaijan reach peace, security and prosperity, which they really deserve, said in turn Borg.

“We will continue to continue to support all national and international initiatives that give specific results in this regard,” the minister added.