Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan: Baku regards Delimitation as historical event

Azerbaijan very positively perceives delimitation and regard it as a historical event.

This was said by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Jaykhun Bayramov during a joint press conference with the current chairman of the OSCE, Minister of Foreign, European Affairs and Trade of the Maltese Republic, Jan Borg in Baku.

“The most significant here is that we have achieved this through negotiations between the two states, political, diplomatic,” the minister said.

He emphasized that since February of this year, negotiations under a peace treaty have been intensified.

The Foreign Minister noted that for many years Baku has not seen a fair position from the states in the OSCE.

“In addition, the UN Security Council and other institutions took the same position. However, the main question is that the establishment of international principles is mainly related to the activities of large states,” the minister,

Bayramov emphasized that there is currently a tendency towards uncertainty in the world.

“In any case, the fundamental principles must be observed. The interests of the world community do not consist of the interests of individual states,” he said.

The Foreign Minister drew attention to the fact that direct negotiations between the two countries are the most positive format in the process of normalizing relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The minister noted that, in confirmation of this, as an example, the implementation can be given over the past six months of a number of measures to build trust.

“Among the last movements, one can note the beginning in April of the process of delimitation of part of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border and the release of a political and diplomatic way of 4 villages of Azerbaijan, which have been under the occupation for many years,” added Jaykhun Bayramov.

Bayramov also noted that the principles of Azerbaijan have always been followed by the fundamental principles of the OSCE and their observance by all states.

“In particular, we consider it important to respect the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, inviolability of international borders and multilaterality, take steps, guided by this campaign. We believe that the presidium is taking the necessary steps to involve all available OSCE tools in this direction. With active participation, with active participation. Member States there are opportunities to increase the role of organization as a traditional dialogue site, ”the minister emphasized.