Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan spoke at Czech Institute of CEVRO about country’s foreign policy priorities

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jaykhun Bayramov, as part of an official visit to the Czech Republic, spoke at the CEVRO Institute at a meeting with representatives of brain centers on the “foreign policy priorities of Azerbaijan”.

In the Office of the press service of the Foreign Ministry, Bayramov spoke about the main directions of the foreign policy of Azerbaijan, the current state and prospects of Azerbaijani-Cheshian relations, the realities and challenges of the post-conflict period, the current state of normalization between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as the energy security of Azerbaijan in the extensive the region conducted by him in the field of transport and communications.

He noted that Azerbaijan is actively involved in encouraging regional cooperation formats in the field of effective combating modern challenges, in particular, contributes to the promotion of joint projects in the economy, energy security, transport and communications.

The Minister emphasized that after the end of the former Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the full restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country appeared new opportunities for peace and trust in the region.

Bayramov said that Baku expresses determination in the promotion of the agenda of normalization between Azerbaijan and Armenia directly on a bilateral basis, as well as suppressing third -party interventions in this process.

He also said that the recently returned by Armenia through negotiations of 4 occupied Azerbaijani villages is an encouraging promotion for the future peace process.