Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan: Yerevan must reciprocate Baku’s efforts in world and creation in region

Armenia must reciprocate the efforts of Azerbaijan in the world and creation in the region. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Jahun Bayramov, speaking at the second ministerial meeting of the Strategic Dialogue “Central Asia – the Council of Cooperation of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (SSAGPZ)”.

The minister informed the meeting participants in detail about the current situation in the region in the post-conflict period, large-scale construction and restoration work, carried out on the territories liberated from the occupation, a mine threat, as well as the process of normalizing relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Bayramov expressed gratitude to all the partners who supported the position of Azerbaijan during the period of almost 30-year occupation of Armenia, and also contributed to construction work and mine clearance activities carried out in the post-conflict period.

The Foreign Minister has brought to attention that Azerbaijan plays an important role in the further expansion of cooperation between the fraternal countries of Central Asia and the Persian Gulf in various directions of the general historical and cultural heritage, including political, economic, trade, investment, transport spheres, in energy safety areas, etc.

He noted the importance of the format of the strategic dialogue format “Central Asia – SSAPGZ” in the framework of regional cooperation in the context of the fight against relevant challenges in the current period of global transformation.

Informing the preparation for the 29th session of the conference of the parties to the UN framework on climate change (COP29), which will be held in Azerbaijan this year, Jahun Bayramov said that the expansion of cooperation between the Global North and the Global South is one of the main priorities of Azerbaijan As it was during the country’s chairmanship in the movement of non -alignment. According to him, COP29, in turn, can be an opportunity for the development of cooperation between central Asia, which has a high potential of renewable energy, and the countries of the Persian Gulf, which distinguishes the presence of wide technological capabilities.

Bayramov also noted that Azerbaijan carefully monitors the processes in the Middle East and is seriously concerned about the risk of further expansion of the geography of tension. He emphasized the importance of respect for international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states of the region.