Foreign Minister of Belarus: Relations of Minsk and Harara are based on trust and friendship

Relations between Minsk and Harara are based on trust and friendship. The parties strive to implement joint projects for the benefit of both countries and their peoples.

This is the Foreign Minister of Belarus, Sergei Aleinik, at the first meeting of the joint standing commission for cooperation between Belarus and Zimbabwe, the Belarusian State Media reports.

Aleinik emphasized the readiness of Belarus to organize and conduct in Minsk a joint business forum with Zimbabwe.

“At the heart of our cooperation – the relationship of two leaders built on trust, and mutually beneficial cooperation, based on honest relations tested by time,” the head of the diplomatic mission said.

The Minister positively appreciated the holding of a business forum preceding the commission meeting, and proposed to conduct a similar business forum in Minsk.

Sergey Aleinik noted that in recent years the contacts between Belarus and Zimbabwe have increased significantly – in 2023, more than 15 Zimbabwe delegations visited Belarus, including the first lady of the country and the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We already have a success story than we can be proud of. We must continue to work together so that our achievements grow and spread to other countries of South Africa, like Mozambique or Botswana, where our experience and the best technologies are very needed,” – emphasized the head of the Belarusian foreign policy.

According to the minister, Belarus intends to organize a national stand at the diversified international exhibition Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2024 (ZITF), which will be held in April in Bulavoyo.

In addition, the parties agreed on the pilot participation of Zimbabvian companies in the Belagro exhibition in Minsk in June this year.

In the immediate plans of the Zimbabvian side, a visit to the Bellakt enterprise to resolve the issue of certification and accreditation in their country of baby food and milk milk of Belarusian production.

“Only by joint efforts we are able to strengthen our strategic friendly relations and implement new significant economic projects. Belarus is ready to continue to provide the necessary support to the Zimbabwe government in achieving the long -term strategy of the country” Vision – 2030, “Alainik said.

The Minister also emphasized the readiness of Minsk to propose the Zimbabvian side to take advantage of the wide possibilities of Belarus as a participant in the Eurasian Economic Union with his large and promising market.