Foreign Minister of Germany arrived in Kyiv

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berobok arrived on a visit to Ukraine. This is the fourth visit of the head of the German foreign policy to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

According to the German media, Berbok arrived in Kyiv on Monday morning. Her visit was not announced for security reasons. The visit, which took place a week before the UN General Assembly in New York, is considered a gesture in solidarity.

The head of the German Sid arrived in Kyiv on a special train from Poland. The Minister was met by the German ambassador to Kyiv Martin Yeger.

upon arrival, Berbok promised Ukraine to continue support on the way to the EU, but also insisted on further efforts on reforms, in particular, in the fight against corruption.

Gdava Foreign Ministry noted that Ukraine protects “all of us” and can rely on the support of Germany on the way to the EU.

“Ukraine has the status of a candidate, and now we are preparing a decision on the beginning of negotiations on joining the EU,” she said.

Ukraine has the status of an EU candidate since June 2022. Then the EU commission determined seven reform priorities, some of which, in her opinion, were partially fulfilled. A new report on the progress of the commission is expected in October.