Foreign Minister of Turkey: Dipforum in Antalya will contribute to solution to global problems

The Foreign Minister of Turkey Hakan Fidan expressed the hope that the 3rd diplomatic forum in Antalya (ADF) will contribute to the fight against global problems and injustice. The head of the Turkish diplomatia wrote about this on the social network X on Friday, March 1.

The minister recalled that in Antalya a forum began work, the main topic of which this year is “nomination of diplomacy in the foreground during crises.”

Within three days, ADF 2024 will collect the heads of states and governments, high -ranking government officials, representatives of business circles and youth, the minister said.

The forum will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss many topics: from mediation to migration, from the development of technology to food security, from the fight against terrorism to sustainable development, Fidan wrote.

“At sessions and bilateral meetings that will take place as part of the forum, we will discuss the ways of resolving crises that threaten the international world and security, especially the continuing mass killings in the gas sector,” the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

According to the minister, delegates who have arrived from all over the planet will discuss ways to achieve a more fair, more peaceful and more prosperous future using all available diplomacy tools.

“I hope that ADF 2024 will contribute to our struggle with global problems and injustice and will benefit the world community,” the minister added.

The diplomatic forum organized in the Antalya of the Turkish Foreign Ministry under the patronage of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began work on Friday, March 1

According to dipstyers, about 4,500 guests take part in the forum, including 19 heads of state, 73 Ministers and 57 representatives of international organizations.

as part of the forum, which will last from March 1 to March 3, 52 panel discussions will be held in this year.

There will be many exhibitions on the fields of the diplomatic forum in Antalya, which will be attended not only by diplomats and politicians, but also by students, scientists, representatives of non -governmental organizations and the business world.

The forum will open an exhibition “Century of Turkey”, revealing the vision of Turkey in the field of art, energy, defense and industry.

In addition, the forum will present part of the exhibition “Pullen -Proven Dreams: Children’s Artists from Gaza”, organized by the administration of the president in Istanbul in order to draw attention to human tragedy through the eyes of children.