Foreign Minister of Turkey: Disaders of Reverse in Gaza Gazy and Deaf to Scream of World

The diplomatic forum in Antalya has become a significant “platform of ideas” in diplomacy with an emphasis on pluralism and real problems. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Hakan Fidan at the III diplomatic forum in Antalya.

Commenting on the situation in Gaza, the Turkish minister noted that the Islamic world, the global south, conscious people in the West, protest against what is happening in Gaza, are protested, but the culprits of the massacre are “blind and deaf” to this scream.

“We see that authoritative faces in the West no longer ignore cruelty in the gas sector,” Fidan emphasized.

The Foreign Minister also commented on the act of self -immolation of an American soldier in protest against what is happening in Gaza.

“The position of the military US, which committed the act of self -immolation due to the unwillingness to participate in the massacre in gas, is a sign of the crisis of the legitimacy of the international system,” Fidan added.