Foreign Minister of Ukraine urged NATO to strengthen attention to Black Sea region in order to counteract Russian Federation

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba called on NATO to strengthen attention to the Black Sea region in order to counteract Russia and restore security.

Kuleba said this during a video message to the audience at the opening of the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimean Platform, the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reports.

“NATO must actively implement a separate, comprehensive and far -sighted Black Sea strategy aimed at reducing the destructive influence of Russia and strengthening regional stability,” the minister said.

Kuleba noted that the Balto-Black Sea Flang of NATO will serve as a strong wall of protection against “Russian aggression and terror.” According to him, this will bring stability and peace to the region, which will allow everyone in Bulgaria, Ukraine and other countries of the Black Sea basin, Central Europe and the Baltic states to take advantage of economic and trade growth.

“It is important to have a vision and strategy, to show persistence in common actions to achieve common goals. The Black Sea should become the sea of ​​NATO, peace and stability. It was the Baltic Sea with the entry of Finland and Sweden to the Alliance. The safety of the whole region was strengthened. When Ukraine and Georgia join NATO, the Black Sea will follow the Baltic’s example.

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine emphasized that the speedy increase in the capabilities of Ukrainian air defense will also strengthen regional and global stability, since it protects the safety of the neighbors of Ukraine and the entire Black Sea region.

“This war cannot and should not be normalized. The Ukrainian air defense protects not only the Ukrainian sky from Russian air terror. It also protects the neighboring Moldova, Romania and Poland from the direct threat of missiles and drones in their airspace, as well as Other Black Sea and European countries from the spread of Russian aggression to their territory, ”the minister said.

According to the minister, “the aggressive war of Russia has proved how indivisible the security of the Black Sea region.”

“Only the defeat of Russia and the complete restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine will bring stability, safety and prospect of powerful economic development. Ukraine can achieve such a result with sufficient and timely support for partners,” he said.

Dmitry Kuleba also expressed deep gratitude to Bulgaria, its government and people for the significant and timely support of Ukraine and separately thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria for the co -organization and holding of the second Black Sea Security Conference.