Foreign Minister of Venezuela and Gayans discussed controversial region of Essekibu

Venezuela Foreign Minister Ivan Khil discussed with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gayana Hugh Todd the theme of the controversial region of Essekibo, which caused tension in relations between the two countries.

According to the Venezuela government, the telephone conversation took place at the request of the Gayan side. The ministers agreed to maintain communication channels with open communication.

“Venezuelan side informed the Gaian government about mass participation in a polling poll, and also indicated the need to stop the actions that exacerbate the conflict between the two countries,” the government noted.

On the eve of Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro said that the PDVSA state oil company will license with oil and gas operations in the Essexibo region with an area of ​​160 thousand square kilometers. The head of state also announced plans to create a new military base about 100 km from the border.

President of Gayan Irfaan Ali called Maduro’s statements “direct threat” and stated that he would turn to the UN Security Council and keep the armed forces “in combat readiness.”

Ali noted that he is in a dialogue with the United States, Brazil, Great Britain and France, the authorities discussed the topic with the southern command of the United States.

Maduro turned to the National Assembly demanding to declare Esexibo the 24th state of the country.

The Head of State called Essekibo the “integral defense zone” and stated that he appointed Major General Alexis Rodriguez Cabel the only official Essekibo.

The Brazilian media at the end of last week wrote that President Luis Inasio Lula da Silva held meetings “at the highest level” with Venezuela and Gayana to reduce the tension between the parties.

-Maduro included the “Sporting Essekibo Region” in the new Venezuela map

On the eve of Nicholas Maduro, the Essekibo region was contrasting with the neighboring Gayana in the new map of the country. A map with the Essekibo region included in it is published on the Maduro website.

“I instructed our Gayana -ESCOBO to be immediately included in the new Venezuela map, printed and widespread in all schools, lyceums, public councils, state institutions, universities and all houses of the country,” said Maduro.

The referendum in support of the initiative took place in Venezuela on December 3. 96 percent of voting participants expressed a “complete” support to the government in relation to the controversial region of Essexibo.

Gayana-Essexibo for centuries is the cause of territorial disputes. We are talking about the territory to the west of the Essekibo River of the same name, which occupies three quarters of the state of Gayan and is currently under its management. It is known that the region is extremely rich in natural resources.