Foreign Ministry: Armenia continues to make military provocations

Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry commented on new facts of detecting the Armenian mines in Azerbaijan and an ongoing mine threat.

“According to the information of the Ministry of Defense of the Azerbaijan Republic, 350 anti-personnel mines such as PMN-E, produced in Armenia in 2021, which were established by Armenian armed groups, are still not withdrawn from the territory of Azerbaijan, and we note that from the August of this year on the Kyalbadzharsky and Lachinsky directions of the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, 1,119 minutes were found and neutralized, and 1,609 minutes produced in Armenia in 2021 (only 2,728).

in the Karabakh Economic District,

At the invitation of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, the commander of the Russian peacekeeping forces temporarily deployed in Azerbaijan, Major General Andrei Volkov, the head of the Turkish contingent of the joint Turkish-Russian center of monitoring Major General Fatih Akpinar and the head of the Russian contingent Rear Admiral Oleg Semenov examined on November 23 mined section. On November 24, this territory was visited by military attache of foreign states and foreign journalists accredited in Azerbaijan.

The above once again demonstrates that Armenia, contrary to the 4 -sided statement of November 10, 2020, did not completely withdraw its forces from the territory of Azerbaijan, and also, grossly violating paragraph 6 of a tripartite statement and crossing the mines, abused the Lachin road for illegal military activities, having made provocations against Azerbaijan.

Continuation of the Armenia of Military Provocations against Azerbaijan, incomplete withdrawal of its forces from the territory of the country, as well as the continuation of the targeted installation of mines in our territories are the main threats carried out in the post-conflict period of a large-scale restoration and construction work, civilian population in these territories, returning and returning and returning and peaceful living on the native lands of former forced immigrants.

Recall that from the end of the Patriotic War of 2020 to today, 268 of our citizens have suffered from mines, 45 of them, including 3 journalists, died. Of the 45 dead 35 are civilians.

All this once again demonstrates that Armenia prevents the process of normalization and efforts to establish peace in the region. This activity of Armenia is a war crime, a serious violation of international humanitarian law and obligations taken by Armenia as part of a tripartite statement, ”the foreign ministry said.