Foreign Ministry of Iran about a nuclear transaction: Does Baiden have a weight?

US President Joe Biden for returning to a joint comprehensive action plan for the Iranian nuclear program should convince the world community that its signature under the agreement is worth something. This position outlined on Tuesday on Twitter official representative of Iran Said Khatibzade, writes TASS.

“on Bidena lies the obligation to convince the international community, including all the participants of the USPD, is that its signature is worth something,” the diplomat noted. According to him, “for this you need objective guarantees” that the next US president will not come out of the agreement. “No one agrees to anything less,” added Khatibzade.

His statement was the answer to write on Twitter American Senator-Republican Ted Cruise. “If any transaction with Iran is not ratified by the Senate as an agreement, and Biden knows that this will not happen, – then any future republican will annul it,” the legislator wrote.