Foreign Ministry of Latvia: Ukraine is united as ever

The unity of Ukraine unites everyone who seeks to protect international law and international order. This is stated in the publication of the Foreign Ministry of Latvia on the social network x.

“We congratulate Ukraine on the day of unity! Ukraine is united as never before. And this unites all of us who seeks to protect international law and international order based on the rules,” follows from the message.

Latvia decisively supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized border, emphasized the Latvian Foreign Ministry, attaching a video to the publication, in which the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky congratulated the Ukrainian people on collegiality.

“When all the Ukrainians hold hands, they will not raise them up to give up. Everyone is fighting. And today it applies not only to both shores of the Dnieper. Today, the co -ownership of Ukrainians covers both hemispheres of the Earth, in each corner of which on February 24, I sounded: I sounded: I “Ukrainian,” Zelensky said.

The president noted that the words “I am Ukrainian” are of particular meaning. “Only strong Ukrainians can unite. And only united Ukrainians can be strong. Ukrainians around the world. In the afternoon of unity Ukraine,” Zelensky emphasized.

Ukraine on Monday, January 22 celebrated the Day of Coateness (Unity). The holiday is celebrated annually, January 22, on the day of proclamation in 1919 of the reunification of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UNR) and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR) into a single Ukrainian state.