Foreign Ministry of Russia: military exercises of Russian Federation will cool “hot heads” in West

Moscow expects that the upcoming exercises of Russia for the use of non -strategic nuclear weapons will cool “hot heads” in the West.

This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Russian department reminded of the transfer of advanced weapons to Ukraine, including British and French long -range missile systems, as well as American missiles of the ATACMS family capable of hitting targets in the depths of Russian territory.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also indicated discussions in the West, regarding the placement of medium and smaller range missiles near Russian borders (RSMD) and the possibility of sending NATO contingents to Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement emphasizes that the highest priority for the Russian Federation in the field of military security is the “guaranteed protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country”, including the aspect of nuclear deterrence.

“We expect that the conduct of the Russian military exercises with the use of part of the forces and means of nuclear deterrence … Cool” hot heads “in the western capitals … and keep them both from assistance to Kyiv … and from retracting into direct armed confrontation with Russia, ”the Russian Foreign Ministry said.