Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Any unfriendly shares on part of West will receive an adequate answer

Any unfriendly actions from Western countries will continue to receive a timely and adequate answer. This is stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry of the Russian Foreign Ministry for response measures for the thirteenth package of European Union sanctions against the Russian Federation.

“The European Union continues fruitless attempts to put pressure on Russia through unilateral restrictive measures. On February 23, the EU countries adopted the next 13th sanctions” package “. We consider such actions of the European Union illegal, undermining the international legal prerogatives of the UN Security Council,” he will say in the-will say message.

The department noted that in response to unfriendly actions by the Russian side, the list of representatives of European-instruments and member countries of the European Union, which in accordance with the Federal Law “On the Procedure for Departure from the Russian Federation and Entrance to the Russian Federation” dated August 15, 1996, was significantly expanded. . No. 114-ФЗ is prohibited from entering the territory of the country.

We are talking about representatives of law enforcement agencies and commercial organizations of the EU countries, citizens of the EU member countries responsible for the provision of military assistance to Kiev, representatives of the Eurostructures involved in the persecution of Russian officials for “illegal arrests and export of people from Ukrainian territories” involved The creation of the “Tribunal” in relation to the Russian leadership and the collection of relevant materials advocated for the confiscation of Russian state -owned state or the use of profits from them in the interests of Ukraine that support the introduction of sanctions against the Russian Federation and try to undermine Russia’s relations with other states, as well as the spread of removal of Russia about Russia. In the message.

“STOP List” also included representatives of the European Council, members of the legislative assemblies of the European Union, participants in the OSCE and PACE, who on a systematic basis allow aggressive statements to Russia, “summarized the Foreign Ministry. >

Earlier, the European Union approved the 13th package of sanctions against Russia, within which he introduced restrictive measures against 106 individuals and 88 legal entities.