Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Relations of Moscow and Beijing are dynamically and comprehensively develop

The relations of Russia and China, including at the interregional level, are dynamically developing and are able to adapt to changing international realities.

This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of the Council of Heads of Councils of the Russian Federation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to Monday, April 22, Russian state media.

The relations of a comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction between Moscow and Beijing continue to develop dynamically and comprehensively, demonstrate high strength and ability to adapt to changing international realities, said the head of the Russian diplomatic mission.

“We are united with Chinese friends that our ties are at an unprecedentedly high level, they are worried, as our leaders note, perhaps the best period in their history,” said Sergey Lavrov.

According to the minister, the two countries carried out almost complete deadllarization of trade and economic ties, more than 90 percent of mutual calculations were transferred to national currencies.

The Minister noted that contrary to the attempts of the West to “insert sticks into the wheels”, the Russian-Chinese trade and economic cooperation is actively developing, interaction in the energy sector is progressively, the supply of Russian agricultural products to the Chinese market is growing, and joint projects are being carried out in the investment and industrial spheres.

Lavrov said that Russia is expecting in October the chairman of China Xi Jinping for the Brix summit in Kazan.

“The main event of the current year in bilateral relations will be the state visit of President Putin to the Chinese People’s Republic, and in October we are waiting for the head of China Xi Jinping for the Brix summit in Kazan,” the minister said.

Lavrov drew attention to the fact that in July it is planned to visit the chairman of the Standing Committee of the All -China Assembly of People’s Representatives (Parliament) ZHAO LECSI in the Russian Federation.

According to the minister, Russia also sees the potential for the development of cooperation with China in BRICS and SCO.

“Fruitful work was established on the line of the Interregional Council of the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development. We see additional opportunities in interaction in international sites with the participation of our regions. First of all, it is BRICS, where Russia presides this year, and the Shanghai organization of cooperation where, on the initiative of the Chelyabinsk region, a useful format was created, the annual forum of the heads of regions of the SCO member countries, ”added Sergey Lavrov.