Foreign Ministry of Turkey: Ankara will continue to play role in formation of future NATO

Turkey will continue to support the international world and stability in the framework of participation in NATO and play a role in the formation of a future alliance.

This is stated in the publication of the Turkish Foreign Ministry on the social network X on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the country’s entry into the North Atlantic Alliance.

The department emphasized the uniqueness of the role of Turkey and its indispensability for NATO in this exceptional period, full of unprecedented challenges through which the world community passes.

“We celebrate the 72nd anniversary of our country’s membership in NATO. In the spirit of solidarity, which is the basis of the Alliance, we will continue to maintain international peace and stability and play a role in the formation of the future of NATO”, follows from the publication.

Turkey joined NATO in 1952, three years after the creation of the North Atlantic Alliance, becoming the 13th member of the military-political bloc.

Today, Turkey has a second largest army as part of NATO, making a significant contribution to the defense of the southeastern flank of the Alliance.

The Protocol on Turkey’s entry into NATO was signed on October 17, 1951 by President Jalal Bayar. Officially, Ankara became a member of the alliance on February 18, 1952.

North Atlantic Alliance, known as NATO, was created in 1949 by 12 countries – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and USA.

Türkiye and Greece joined NATO for the third year after its creation. Turkish membership in NATO has become an important milestone in the development of the military-political bloc.

For NATO, Turkey’s membership meant the presence on the southern flank of a reliable ally with a powerful air, ground and marine military potential.

Türkiye today continues to make a valuable contribution to achieving the goals of the North Atlantic Alliance.

At the same time, NATO is important for Turkey as one of the fundamental elements of security and the country’s defense system.

Turkey is included in the five countries making the most significant contribution to the mission and NATO operations.

Ankara supported the mission of the alliance in many regions of the world, including the Balkan Peninsula, in Afghanistan, the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions. The steps of Ankara are widely recognized by the leadership of the NATO Bloc.