Foreign Ministry of Turkey: OTG serves work of peace and stability

Turkish Foreign Ministry made a congratulatory on the occasion of the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the Nakhchivansky declaration adopted in 2009, which laid the foundations for the creation of the organization of the Turkic states (OTG).

“The process that we started in 1992 with the conduct of summites of the heads of state of the Turkic-speaking countries led to the fact that today we have a full-fledged international organization,” the statement said.

The department noted that this became possible “thanks to the strong will and joint efforts of” member countries of the OTG.

Turkey Foreign Ministry emphasized that OTG strives for the development and deepening of cooperation between members of the unification of an accelerated pace, as well as to serve the cause of ensuring peace and stability around the world as a responsible international and regional actor. “OTG will continue to efforts in this direction,” the statement said.