Foreign Ministry: Zakharova has no right to talk about human rights

Spokesman for Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anna-Claire Legendra stated that Maria Zakharova (official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry-Ed.) “There is no authority” to talk about human rights.

She noted that it was Russian officials “should be judged for war crimes.”

In response to an anadol’s question about the reaction of the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry to the use of excessive force against critics of the French energy company Totlenergies, the legendra said that “Zakharova is not in the situation to talk about human rights.”

In the addition of Ann-Claire, she recalled the “arrest of the arrest of Russian officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity” in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Paris police previously flooded with tear gas of climatic activists at the protest near the building where the Congress of Totlenergies shareholders took place.