Forest fires in Greece became largest in history of EU

Forest fires, which lasted from August 19 in Greek Dedeagach (Alexander Polyis) and Meriche (Evros) have become the most large -scale, recorded in the EU since 2000.

This is stated in a message widespread by the European Commission.

As a result of a natural disaster, only 81 thousand hectares of land burned in the deadeagach in 10 days.

The European Commission sent 11 fire combat aircraft to the distress zone and 1 helicopter.

In addition, 6 countries of the European Union, as part of the EU civil defense mechanism, sent 407 firefighters and 62 vehicles to the region to eliminate the last emergency.

According to the Greece Fire Service, to date, forest fires were mainly managed to take control.

A powerful forest fire broke out in the area of ​​the city of Dedeagach (Alexander Polyis) on August 19. Then he spread to the rhodopes, Merich and Komotini.