Forests burned out in Turkey, they rebel from ashes thanks to recovery work

The Main Directorate of Forestry of Turkey completes the restoration of territories affected by forest fires in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Overword and restoration work are carried out on an area of ​​167,717 ha.

As Anadol reports with reference to the data of the Main Directorate of Forestry, restoration measures are usually initiated after the completion of work on extinguishing fires. In particular, burned trees are cut down in the shortest possible time, the necessary soil processing is carried out. Then, restoration work is carried out in the territories affected by the fire using the appropriate forestry technologies. In some areas, the soil is prepared for the natural renewal of the forest, and on some, tree seedlings are planted.

– a campaign to overword in scorched territories

As a result of large -scale fires that occurred in Turkey in 2021, 139,500 hectares were damaged. As of the end of 2022, restoration work was completed at all planned 108 thousand hectares. The changes that occurred in the affected regions were reflected on the frames. So they can see that in the burnt areas in the areas of Bodrum and Marmaris in the Turkish province of Mugla, vegetation began to appear, seedlings grow.

In 2022, 12,665 hectares of forests suffered from forest fires, and in 2023 – 15 552 hectares.

Today, recovery work has completed 123,324 hectares destroyed by fires. Work on an area of ​​5138 hectares will be completed before the end of the year, and the remaining about 39 thousand hectares will be restored naturally.

In general, 40 million seedlings were planted in the territories affected by fires, mainly red pine. In addition, larch seedlings were planted, as well as seeds, albeit in a small amount.

The restoration of forests after fires also provides for the country’s constitution. In accordance with Article 169, work on overwhelming work on the territories affected by forest fires is immediately started, the construction of any objects is not allowed, agriculture and livestock can not be carried out.