Former chief physician of modular hospital of Ministry of Emergency Situations refused to testify

In the Baku Court of Grave Crimes, the trial of the criminal case of the former chief physician of the modular hospital of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan of Azerbaijan, Irana Agayev and officials of the Herbal Healtharies of Rufat Velizade, Taleha Imanla and Gulu Orujev.

According to, at a meeting, chaired by Judge Faiga Ganiev, the defendants did not recognize themselves guilty of charges and refused to testify. At the next meeting of the Court, scheduled for October 21, witness testimony will be heard.

Recall, as a result of the investigative activities carried out on the basis of the information received by the General Directorate in combating corruption, there were thorough suspicions that the chief physician (now formerly) hospitals of the modular type of medical center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Agayev Imran, entering Credit with the staff of the registry of the medical institution Orudzhev Gulu and Imanla Taleh, took bribes for the placement of patients with coronavirus in the hospital, as well as instead to provide patients with a higher level of medical services. Agayev subsequently shared the funds received with his intermediaries. The head physician and its accomplices also took bribes for the placement of carved patients in the 15th corps of the medical institution, which is considered “VIP-hull”. In relation to Agayaev Imran and Taleha, the criminal case was initiated under Article 311.3.1 (receiving a bribe of a group of persons in large amounts) and other articles.