Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of two new crimes

Former French President Nicolas Sarkoi is accused of two new crimes related to pressure in order to force his testimony to “key figure” in the case of bribery of Ziad Takieddin, according to which he passes as the accused.

According to France Info, Sarcosi is accused of “forcing a witness to perjury” and “an attempt to distort the course of justice” as part of the financing of Libya, which he takes place on charges of bribery.

The judges considered sufficient evidence that Sarkozy was pressure on the businessman Ziad Takieddin, who gave evidence against him, and then for unknown reasons refused them.

– the essence of the question

It is claimed that the sarcose, who served as president of France from 2007 to 2012, to hold his presidential election campaign in 2007, “received illegal financial support from the then Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and led the campaign using this support.”

It is also argued that Takiedddin, Franco-Lebanese descent, at the end of 2006 brought Sarkozy from Libya 5 million euros.

In 2013, a preliminary investigation was launched for these charges. Sarkozy was detained in Paris on March 21, 2018, after which an investigation was launched against him on charges of “illegal financing of his election campaign, corruption and concealment of Libyan state funds.”

The businessman Takieddin first claimed that Sarkozy received funding from Libya, and then, for reasons unknown, in 2020 he changed his testimony and began to approve the opposite.

Sarkozi is suspected that he used at least eight people to provide pressure on Takieddin in order to force him to refuse accusations against him.

It is assumed that the former president of France spent 608 thousand euros for these purposes.