Former Secretary General “Hezbollah”: Iran supported Armenia in occupation of Azerbaijani lands

“Armenia is an obstacle to Turkey to Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and other Turkic-speaking countries that restored independence against the background of the collapse of the USSR. We will support and contribute to the strengthening of Yerevan so that it blocked the way Ankara.” This, according to the famous Lebanese Theologian-Shiit, the first Secretary General of the Hezbollah movement Sheikh subhi tube in the early 1990s, said the then Foreign Minister of Iran Ali Akbar Velatti, reports Anadolu.

In a conversation with a correspondent of the Turkish agency, the tube stressed that the Iranian media of the early 90s also supported the occupation of Armenia Lands of Azerbaijan.

Also, theologians did not rule out that Tehran provided military and logistics support of Armenia in the occupation of land of Azerbaijan.

“In that period, Azerbaijan only strengthened independence and contacts with Israel was not. Those who in Iran argues tensions with Azerbaijan factor of the Zionists, are against the truth. Tehran’s policy has never been honest. Most of their steps lead to destruction that contradicts As a result of the interests of Iran, “said Temple.