Former US Secretary of State: Israel may have to attack Iran

American policy of Iran’s peaceful polls only breaks Tehran’s appetites and can lead to the fact that Israel will be forced to apply a military blow to Iranian objects, said the former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview with Jerusalem Post.

At the same time, according to him, the military operation “is not needed by anyone.” The former US Secretary of State believes that the decision of the Trump administration to leave the Iranian nuclear agreement in 2018 was absolutely justified, and the policy carried out by the White House made the world safer in the face of the Iranian threat.

According to Pompeo, if Trump remained president of another year or two, US and Israel’s cooperation could prevent Iran’s development of the Nuclear Program: “We would never allow Iran to get nuclear weapons in our shift.”

Pompeo also criticized the administration of Bayden for returning to “a false principle, according to which Israel is an illegal invader.” He called on Israel to resist this narrative, which, according to him, underlies modern anti-Semitism.

Pompeo also said that the opening of the US Consulate for the needs of Palestinians in Jerusalem is “a terrible idea for the USA, Israel and the Palestinian people,” because it will contradict American law.