Formulv-1: Max Ferstappen won Grand Prix of China

The Dutch pilot of the Red Bull Max Bull Max Fertappen won the China Grand Prix, the 5th stage of the World Cup in the Formula 1 class.

The race, held on the 5.4-kilometer highway of International Shanghai Circuit in Shanghai, consisted of 56 circles.

The champion of the last three years, Fersstappen, who started with a pole position, won the fourth victory in the season and 58th in his career, showing the time 1 hour 40 minutes 52.54 seconds.

Briton Lando Norris from McLaren became the second, lagging behind the leader by 13.773 seconds, and the Mexican partner of Bershio Perez – the third, lagging behind his comrade by 19.160 seconds.

The sixth race of the season, the Miami Grand Prix, will take place on May 5th.

After the Grand Prix, China five leaders in the test of pilots and commands are as follows:

– pilots

1st Max Ferstappen (Netherlands): 110 points

2nd Sergio Perez (Mexico): 85

3rd Charles Leclerc (Monaco): 76

4th Carlos Sainz (Spain): 69

5th Lando Norris (Great Britain): 58

– commands

1. Red Bull: 195

2 Ferrari: 151

3rd mclaren: 96

4. Mercedes: 52

5. Aston Martin: 40