France: 11-year-old boy threatened to cut off mayor’s head

The attacker who threatened to cut off the head of the mayor of a commune in the vicinity of Lyon, France, turned out to be an 11-year-old boy, according to the local edition of LyonMag.

Alexandre Vensande, Mayor of the Rije-la-Pape commune, posted on Facebook a photo of the writing on the wall on March 6, threatening to cut off his head and burn the municipality.

The police said on the same day that in the case of threatening inscriptions “one of the suspects was detained red-handed.” His age was not disclosed.

The fact that the detainee was an 11-year-old boy became known on Tuesday after the statement of the prosecutor of Lyon, Nicolas Jacquet. “In relation to him, given his age, alternative disciplinary measures will be taken in the form prescribed by the legal protection of minors,” the communiqué says. The search for the rest of the group that left the threatening inscriptions continues.