France and Moldova will cooperate in field of defense

France and Moldova signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of defense.

French President Emmanuel Macron adopted President Moldova Maya Sandu in the Champs Elysees in Paris.

In his speech, Macron congratulated Sandu, who signed reforms in her country as part of the process of joining the European Union (EU).

Having stated that the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war continue to destabilize Europe and especially Moldova, he said: “Moldova came across unacceptable violations of her airspace by Russian drones and missiles.”

Macron accused Russia of using misinformation for the split of the Moldavian people and attempts to intervene in the internal affairs of this country.

Affirming that Russia is trying to prevent Moldova from becoming a member of the EU, Macron added: “The people of Moldova should be proud of their peaceful struggle for freedom.”

Macron made it clear that his country and the EU, together with Moldova, achieve its “fate in Europe.”

According to him, France will help strengthen the sovereignty and safety of Moldova, Macron said that, as part of an agreement on defense cooperation between the two countries in the coming months, an office of a military attache in the capital of Moldova Chisinau will be opened.

The French president noted that this attache will help strengthen the relations of the two countries and that new agreements will be signed with Moldova in various fields, such as the fight against misinformation and cyber attacks.

Sandu, in turn, expressed satisfaction with what is in Paris, and stated that France is one of the largest supporters of the Republic of Moldova.

Having emphasized that since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, France has supported Moldova in matters of security and in the process of joining the EU, Sandu said: “Ukraine does not give up, and Europe should not surrender. France and Germany laid the foundation of the European that we are wearing that we We learn today: the continent of the world, solidarity and prosperity. “

Sandu claimed that “Russian President Vladimir Putin attacks Europe”:

“In Ukraine, our general security is threatened, if we do not stop it, the aggressor (Russia) will continue, and the front line will come closer to us and you. That is why Europe must build a common front, aggression must be decisively reflected.”

Having emphasized that it is necessary to help Ukraine stop Russia, Sandu noted: “The Moscow regime is trying to control my country, blackmailing us in the field of energy, organizing demonstrations and cyber attacks, interfering in our elections using dirty money and even planning a coup. Moldovans can themselves determine your future, and their future is in the EU. “

After the speeches of the leaders of the defense of France, Sebastien Lekornny and the Minister of Defense of Moldova Anatoly Nosy, signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of defense between the two countries.

Minister of Economics of France Bruno Lemer and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization of Moldova Dumitru Alaiba signed an agreement on economic cooperation between the two countries for 2024-2029.