France: basketball clubs opposed ban on hijab

The authorities of the region IL-de-France, which includes Paris, decided to stop the assistance to basketball clubs, who oppose the ban on wearing athletes of Hijab in competitions. This is reported by the radio station France Bleu.

The administration said this position of clubs contradicts the principles of secularism.

Previously, 69 basketball clubs, 65 of which are located in Il de Franca, sent a letter to the French Basketball Federation (FBF) demanding to cancel the ban on internal competitions.

The Minister of Sports of France Ameli Udea-Castera on September 24 stated that representatives of French delegations and teams at the Olympic Games-2024 will be prohibited from wearing a hijab.

In the Human Rights Department, the UN has criticized this decision of the French authorities. “No one should impose on a woman what she should be worn or not of. In general, according to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, any state participating in the Convention, in this case, France is obliged to take all relevant measures to change any social or Cultural models based on the idea of ​​inferiority or superiority of both sexes, ”said Maria Urtado, press secretary of the UN Human Rights Supreme Commissioner.