France continues outcome from Africa: last French soldiers have left king

The last 47 out of 130 military personnel of the French contingent remained in the Central African Republic, the country left on Thursday, December 15, the Le Monde newspaper said.

“The last 47 French soldiers of the logistics mission (Mislog-B) flew out of the Banga Airport … On board the C130 transport aircraft. The main part of the 130 military who made up the contingent left the Central African Republic in recent weeks,” the newspaper writes With reference to the Armed Forces.

Note that a few months ago, the French military, who participated in the Operation “Barkhan”, left Mali in connection with the decision of the authorities of this country to terminate the bilateral agreement in the field of defense. The Axios portal previously wrote that Russia’s influence is growing in African countries. “France remained the dominant force in West Africa for a long time after decolonization,” however, “apparently, the influence of Russia is growing there,” the publication noted.