France continues to press local population of New Caledonia, using force

France is trying to suppress protests in New Caledonia, using great power, but the situation is still outside its control.

According to local media reports, the French security forces have been trying to suppress the riots in New Caledonia for a week.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of France seeks to suppress the requirements of the local population, including the requirements of independence, through large -scale operations, during which about 2700 police and gendarmerie employees were sent to the island last week.

New Caledonia has become an arena of riots using violence

In New Caledonia, independence supporters opposed the initiative of the French government on the reform of the Constitution, being convinced that this will reduce their influence in the elections.

Kanaki, local residents of New Caledonia, amount to about 40 percent of the 300,000th population of the island.

The French government wants to provide the opportunity for more than 25 thousand Frenchmen on the island to vote in the elections using the project of amendments to the Constitution.

Independence referendums were held on the island three times – in 2018, 2020 and 2021, but independence supporters could not gain 50 percent.

In the last four days, the special education of France – the new Caledonia has become an arena of riots using violence. Participants in the riots set fire to about 200 offices and over 50 cars, about 100 security forces were injured.

Against the backdrop of ongoing clashes between supporters and opponents of independence, a commandant hour was introduced in the region.

New Caledonia with the capital in the city of Numaa a group of islands with an area of ​​almost 19 thousand square km in the southwestern part of the Pacific.

In New Caledonia, important minerals are mined – chrome, cobalt, molybdenum, copper, gold, as well as nickel. At the same time, it was the export of Nickelieva ore that became one of the main sources of income of the islands. New Caledonia has approximately 10 percent of the world’s reserves of this metal – the second largest on Earth.

The region has the right to independently solve internal affairs, but the foreign policy course of the region is determined in accordance with the Constitution of France.