France: discrimination of dark -skinned

The results of the survey conducted by the IPSOS independent research company indicate that 9 out of 10 dark -skinned residents of France at least once encountered manifestations of racial discrimination.

This was told by the agency of Anadol, the French politician and activist Patrick Lozes, the founder and head of the representative council of the Associations of black France (Cran).

According to him, despite this, the government continues to ignore the problem.

“The survey participants talked about discrimination in many areas of public life. 91 percent of the dark-skinned residents of France are faced with discrimination in everyday life. This means that the scope of discrimination is huge and it affects almost every black Frenchman,” he said.

Lozes noted that the most often dark -skinned French are faced with discrimination when searching for housing and work.

“When you call and say that you want to rent housing, your interlocutor replies that the apartment is free. But when the lessor finds out that you are black, he can say that the house is not available. However, after only five minutes, another can call another a tenant who will no longer be refused, ”he said.

According to him, a similar situation is observed when the work of work and on the issue of promotion on the career ladder.

“The time when the rest of your colleagues receive a promotion, you are not promoted for many years. When hiring you, you are sending a resume and after a few minutes you are informed that the position is closed. However, it may be open to someone The one who applied for the same position just a few minutes after you, ”the agency’s interlocutor explained.

Lozes notes that the facts of discrimination on the racial basis in France can be encountered almost everywhere, including in public transport. “Some Frenchmen believe that blacks should get on a train or bus only after them,” he said.