France is preparing for “battle” in streets after match with Morocco

France is preparing for unrest on the streets of the cities of the country after tomorrow’s match between the national teams of Morocco and France, foreign media write.

The Minister of the Interior said that at least 5,000 police officers will be deployed in Paris and the suburbs of the French capital in the evening, of which 2200 in the city. In Paris and cities with a large share of the population of Magribor origin – to Muluz, Montpellier. Lille, the label, etc. – 70 divisions of the gendarmerie are transferred.

The police are afraid that the ultra -rights will try to give battle to immigrants from Maghreb. In Strasbourg, where the ultra -right are especially strong, their organizations have already stated that they would organize patrols in the city in order to prevent the “conquest of streets” by Moroccans.