France will continue to support Armenia and provide this country with weapons support

French President Emmanuel Macron accepted in the Champs Elysees the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikola Pashinyan. Before the meeting, the leaders of the two countries made a joint statement for the press.

Macron said that France will continue to support Armenia and provide this country with weapons in the spirit of responsibility and without the desire to escalate tension.

reminding the Armenians who died during the Nazi occupation, Macron emphasized that France remembers the support of French resistance and nation.

“You can count on the support of the independence of Armenia, its territorial integrity, the democratic course and, mostly aspirations for the world,” Macron said, expressing the appreciation of Pashinyan for his “determination and courage to continue” his desire for peace.

Macron noted that the “determination” of the leader of Armenia was even more specified by the annexation of Armenia to the international criminal court during the commission of war crimes “on the European continent.

noting that at a meeting with Pashinyan the normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations will be discussed, Macron said that the latest events in the Syunik district of Armenia indicate the existence of the “risk of escalation” on the local.

Macron said that Azerbaijan should eliminate “all ambiguities” regarding the respect of the territorial integrity of Armenia, and said that work in the “spirit of goodwill” is necessary for the demarcation of troops to the border.

On the other hand, Macron claims that Azerbaijan is obliged to ensure the safe and rapid return of those who left Karabakh and want to return.

The French president noted that he will continue to support Armenia in the development of strategic infrastructure and provide military equipment “in the spirit of responsibility, without the desire to escalate tension”.

Pashinyan, for his part, said that relations between France and Armenia are not only historical and economic, but two countries are connected by “deeper emotional bonds.”

He thanked Macron for the steps taken to deepen and strengthen relations between the two countries.

The Prime Minister said that the strengthening of Armenia’s defense capabilities with the help of France should not cause concern and that their goal is to “maintain balance” in the region.