French consider ban on hijab at Olympics meaningless and shameful

Public opinion in France considers the authorities to be deprived of meaning and shameful the ban on the wearing of a hijab athletes, part of the Olympic team of the country, on the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

The correspondent of Anadola talked with the inhabitants of Paris to find out their point of view on this issue.

“This is a meaningless and comic decision, designed to make people forget that the authorities are not ready for the Olympics, and distract them from real problems,” said one of the interlocutors of the agency.

According to another Parisian, such a step in the French authorities did not cause her anything but bewilderment.

Many of the respondents said they do not understand why athletes are forbidden to wear a head coating in a country where all religions are accepted.

According to the survey participants, sports competitions should be united, not disconnecting.

The Minister of Sports of France Ameli Udea-Castera on September 24 stated that representatives of French delegations and teams at the Olympic Games-2024 will be prohibited from wearing a hijab.

In the Human Rights Department, the UN has criticized this decision of the French authorities. “No one should impose on a woman what she should be worn or not of. In general, according to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, any state participating in the Convention, in this case, France is obliged to take all relevant measures to change any social or Cultural models based on the idea of ​​inferiority or superiority of both sexes, ”said Maria Urtado, press secretary of the UN Human Rights Supreme Commissioner.