French court issued an arrest warrant of 4 high -ranking officials of Syrian army

French judicial authorities issued an arrest warrant of 4 high -ranking officials of the Syrian army in connection with the commission of war crimes.

According to the French media reports, the judicial bodies of France issued an international order to arrest senior army officials in connection with the murder of the French professor of Syrian origin of Salah Abu Nabut as a result of attacks using barrels in the province of Daraa in the south of Syria in 2017.

The court noted that “Major General Fehd Kasim al-Freis, Major General Ali Abdulla Ayyub, who at that time held the post of Minister of Defense and Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Major General Ahmed Muhammad Balll and the air base commander Bley Ali Safetli entered Among the army officials on whom the arrest warrant was issued on suspicion of “complicity in the application of intentional blows to the civilian population and civilians who did not take part in armed conflicts” and the “committing war crimes”.

Thus, the French judicial authorities first decided to investigate war crimes of the Syrian army officials during military operations.

The Syrian Human Rights Organization (SNHR) announced that in the first half of 2017, the Syrian regime organized 4252 attacks using barrel bombs, which killed 94 civilians, including 41 children and 20 women.