Future football players of Kazakhstan are prepared in football schools “Besiktash”

Kazakhstani children who dream of becoming football players are engaged in football in the schools of the Besiktash Turkish club in Astana and Almaty.

In recent years, Beshiktash football schools have been particularly popular in Kazakhstan, hundreds of children are engaged in them.

In an interview with Anadol, the coordinator of the Beshiktash football school in Astana Mustafa Savashkan said that a football school in the Kazakhstan capital opened two years ago.

“The goal of the Beshiktash football schools” is to identify talented children here and send them to the Turkish Academy, as well as provide the necessary training so that they can become football players not only in Turkey, but also here, “Savashkan said.

According to him, “Besiktash” in recent years has gained popularity in Kazakhstan.

“Recently,” Besiktash “has become very popular in Kazakhstan. The transition of Bakhtier Zayutdinov to” Besiktash “, the work made by us and the children that we sent to the Beshiktash football academy, tournaments in Almaty and Astana, in which we are in which we took part, increased our recognition, ”the coordinator said.

He noted that not only Kazakhstani children, but also children of diplomats and foreigners working in various sectors, since Astana is the capital.


We take part in various tournaments in Kazakhstan. Until today, we won various championships and took second places, ”Savashkan explained.

The coordinator noted that he was also once a football player and worked in football schools in Turkey.

“I have a coaching license of the category of UEFA category B in our school, besides me, there are three more coaches, two local and one Turks,” added Savashkan.

In turn, 9-year-old Amir Karimov, who was involved in the Beshiktash football school in Astana, said that he really like coaches and teammates. “In the future, I want to become an attacker,” the boy said.

Meanwhile, Alikhan Mukhanbetov said that he wanted to become a professional football player.

“Here we mainly get practical training on a football field. I currently study various techniques, including types of passes, throws,” said the future football player.

11-year-old Mansur Narikbaev said that he visited the Beshiktash football Academy in Turkey, and now strive to improve his equipment in order to replenish the ranks of the Academy.