G20 will receive African Union in its ranks as “permanent member”

In the media, information appeared that the G20, uniting the 20 largest economies in the world, will take into its ranks the African Union as a “permanent member”.

According to the American media, at the summit, which will be held in India this week, the African Union will be accepted as a “permanent member” G20 with the status similar to the European Union (EU).

The African Union, which sought to join the group for many years, will jointly represent 54 countries of the continent.

It is expected that with the accession to the group of 1.2 billion. Residents of the continent, the problems of developing countries will be discussed in it in more detail, and general solutions to global problems will also be developed.

a group of twenty (G20), created in 1999 and consisting of the EU and 19 countries, has been holding meetings at the level of leaders since 2003.

The G20 countries account for 85% of the world gross domestic product, 75% of international trade and two -thirds of the population of the planet.