G7 countries did not consider Putin’s proposal to cease to be “serious” in Ukraine

The countries of the “Great Seven” “do not consider it serious” by Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the conditions of the ceasefire with Ukraine.

About this German Chancellor Olaf Sholts told the German publication ZDF following the results of the G7 leaders summit.

Scholz expressed confidence that a 15 billion aid package promised to Ukraine at the G7 summit will be provided to this country until the end of the year.

“This is also a message to all countries that there is a way to organize such support. This is a message (Russian President Vladimir) Putin that it would be wrong to count on a reduction in support,” he said.

The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany also commented on the question of how Putin’s statement about his proposals regarding the conditions of the ceasefire with Ukraine was perceived at the G7 summit.

“Everyone knows that this is a frivolous proposal, but it has something to do with a peaceful conference that will take place in Switzerland. But Putin also revealed what is really important to him. And this is the conquest of the earth in a classic imperialist way. To achieve it. He applied a large amount of military force, unleashed a brutal war and agreed to the death or serious injuries of 100 thousand Russian soldiers for his imperialist dream, so this is a useless proposal.

He noted that a fair world should be achieved in Ukraine and Ukraine should act in accordance with its interests.

Scholz also denied the allegations that Germany prevents progress in negotiations with respect to the new EU sanctions in relation to Russia.

The head of the German government said that they work intensively with everyone on this issue, as well as on all other sanctions packages.

Germany, according to Scholtz, wants the sanctions to be implemented as pragmatic as possible.