G7 will continue to support Ukraine and economic sanctions against Russian Federation

Foreign Ministers of the Big Seven (G7), following the discussion of the situation around Ukraine, confirmed the willingness to maintain decisive support for Kyiv and sanctions pressure in relation to Russia.

At the meeting, which was chaired by Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikava, were the heads of the Foreign Ministry of the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and France.

At a session dedicated to the topic of Ukraine, the G7 foreign ministers agreed that the “Big Seven” will retain unity with respect to the imposition of strict sanctions against Russia and provide decisive support to Ukraine.

Efforts aimed at the medium -term and long -term restoration of Ukraine, which has been subjected to Russian attacks from February 2022, will be activated, the ministers said.

The meeting, the head of the Foreign Ministry G7, organized by the presiding in 2023 by Japan, takes place in Tokyo.