Gagauzia: self -determination was allowed in case of unification of Moldova with Romania

Moldova authorities incurring interethnic discord, purposefully setting up Moldavians on the Gagauz and representing the latter as separatists. ” This was stated by TASS by the head of the autonomous territorial education (ATO) Gagauzia Evgeny Gutsul.

The politician noted that among the ruling batch of action and solidarity there are “provocateurs” who are trying to push Moldavians and Gagauzes, and also reminded that representatives of the current authorities declared the opportunity for Moldova to become a member of the EU without “disagreed regions.”

“We are sure that we will win this in the fall of this year. And we will not consider such issues anymore, because this is a sore issue for each resident of the Republic of Moldova,” Gutsul said.

The referendum on the integration of Moldova in the EU, she called the “political manipulation” of the Government of the President of the Republic of Maya Sandu to maintain power.

According to her, the party of action and solidarity ruling in Moldova “understands that they have no chance, so they with a political bias came to hold a referendum.”

Gagauzia can take advantage of the right to self -determination if Moldova unites with Romania or joins the European Union, this is prescribed in the law on a special legal status, said the head of the ATO.

“We do not plan a way out of Moldova, because it is our homeland. The Constitution states that Moldova is a sovereign and neutral country. But if Moldova decides to unite with Romania or joins the European Union, then Gagauz autonomy leaves The right to external self -determination is indicated in our law on a special legal status, ”she said.

At the same time, Gutsul said that Gagauzia did not want to exacerbate with the authorities in Chisinau. “No matter how they want to encounter us – Moldavan and Gagauzes – no matter how hard they try to light up ethnic discord, I’m sure that this will not work,” the politician said.