Gazprom increased gas supply to Uzbekistan to maximum volume

The Russian Gazprom Energy Holding has increased gas supply to Uzbekistan to the maximum possible volume. This was announced by the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Frosts also came to Uzbekistan in December, and our Uzbek friends, colleagues asked to increase gas supplies to Uzbekistan to a volume that exceeds our daily obligations under the signed contract. We are currently delivering to Uzbekistan in December in the month The most technically possible gas volume that can be delivered along the Central Asia -Center gas pipeline, ”said Miller.

Miller recalled that the process of transporting Russian gas through the Central Asia -Center gas pipeline was launched on October 7 with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation, also leaders of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Kasim -Zhomart Tokayev.

“For Uzbekistan, in particular, the possibility of gas supplying gas pipeline” Central Asia – Center “in reverse mode is a very important factor in the passage of OPP (autumn -winter period). And we, respectively, now have such technical capabilities – In full at the request of our Uzbek colleagues, we supply gas to Uzbekistan, ”he added.

Earlier, in June 2023, Uzbekistan entered into a two -year gas purchase agreement with Gazprom. The volume of supplies per day is 9 million cubic meters. m, and the annual – about 2.8 billion cubic meters.

In addition, Miller commented on gas supplies to China.

According to him, on December 23, a historical record of daily gas supplies to China was set.

“We also now supply the volume to China on the day, which is higher than our contract obligations. This year, gas supplies to China will be one and a half times more than in 2022. And in 2025 we will already reach our contract obligations: In 2025, gas supplies to China will be 38 billion cubic meters, “said the head of Gazprom.