General Barrons: War in Ukraine may come to a standstill

In the coming months, the war can come to a standstill and it is difficult to predict what will happen later, suggested General Richard Barrons, the former head of the joint command of the British Armed Forces, the Russian BBC Russian service.

So far, according to him, it’s too early to talk about the lull on the fronts, because Russian troops are gradually moving in eastern Ukraine.

Barrons suggested that the offensive could come to its climax in the summer, for example, with a possible capture of Kramatorsk.

He stated that in this case, either a ceasefire with a concession to a certain territory of Ukraine may occur, that for many it would be unacceptable from a moral point of view, or there would simply be a pause in hostilities until the defending forces increase the firepower so that “Seriously think about the return of the territory.”