General Burkhan: Suns of Sudan will pursue rebels until complete victory

The army commander of Sudan Abdulfetta al-Burkhan said that the army will continue to block the members of the quick response forces (SBR) in all parts of the country.

According to the statement of the Council of Sovereignty, Burkhan on Tuesday visited the headquarters of the Union of Engineers after the army seized the Center for the Organization of Sudanese Radio and Television in Omdurman, west of the capital.

In his speech, Burkhan said: “We will continue to pursue the rebels everywhere throughout the country. Our message to the SBR is that the armed forces and regular military units will haunt you everywhere until complete victory.”

On Tuesday, the Sudanese army announced the liberation of the building of national radio and television, under the control of the SBR. The confrontation between the Army of Sudan and the SBR has been continuing for about 11 months.

Since mid-April 2023, Sudan has become an arena of fierce clashes between the government army under the command of the Chairman of the Council of the Sovereignty Council of General Abdulfettach al-Burkhan and the quick response forces (SBR).

According to the UN, more than 13 thousand people became victims of clashes in Sudan, 6 million were moved within the country, another 1.7 million people fled to neighboring countries.