General Director Magate warned of threats against ZAES

The situation in the controlled Russian army of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine remains “extremely unstable and potentially dangerous.” This is stated in the new report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Magate).

According to the document, the station is deprived of an external backup power source, which makes it “extremely vulnerable if the only active main line of power lines will again fail”.

“External power supply to the ZAES should not be at risk, and all efforts should be aimed at maintaining the power source outside the object available and safe at any time,” the report says.

Magate CEO Rafael Grossy presented five principles aimed at preventing a nuclear accident.

“In the principles, there is an obligation not to make military shelling from the station or in its direction, not to use an object as a warehouse or base for heavy weapons, to protect structures, systems and components necessary for the safe and reliable operation of the station from attacks and sabotage. Atomic accident or other negative events will not be differences on a national basis or citizenship, ”Grossy warned.