General Zamir: Iran placed in Syria a weapon threatening Israel

One of the candidates for the head of the Israeli General Major General Eyal Zamir submitted a document in which he wrote that the Iranians managed to place a weapon that threatens Israel in Syria. Israeli “details” write about this.

According to the document, its first item concerns the Iranian presence in Syria. The Corps of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution managed to build military infrastructure in the depths of Syria and deploy missiles and UAVs aimed at the Jewish state.

The Israeli general recommends increasing the number of attacks on the Iranian infrastructure in cooperation with the regional coalition. Zamir believes that it is necessary to damage missile plants, to eliminate high -ranking representatives of the CSR and heads of organizations that Iran support.

The last section of the document concerns the smuggling of weapons to Syria and Lebanon. Zamir claims that the air route for the delivery of weapons was very complicated after attacks on Damascus Airport, which, according to the military, attribute to Israel. The sea path is still actively operating and ships with weapons cargoes continue to arrive from Iran to Syria.