Genghis Huseynzade was instructed by Cameroon: “Here everything is constantly compared with Baku …”

Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan Genghis Huseynzade, as part of the delegation of the Islamic Soldar Sports Federation (ISSF), visited Cameroon, where the 6th on the account of Islamiad will be held in 2025. Our representative is the second ISSF vice president. He was also appointed President of the Islamic Games Inspection Commission-2025.

During the visit, Vice President of NOC Azerbaijan met with Prime Minister of Cameroon Joseph NSUT, with whom the course of preparing the country and its capital Yound for Islamia was discussed. Meetings were also held with the President of the Olympic Committee of Cameroon, Minister of Youth and Sports, the mayor of Yaunda, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. In addition, sports facilities were examined on which the competition is planned.

while still in Cameroon, Genghis Huseynzade in an interview with fed the results of the trip to the Black Continent.

“Islamic games will be held in Africa for the first time. The inspection that we carry out in Cameroon shows that the country is not yet ready for games, – says the second vice president of ISSF.” There are several excellent stadiums for football matches and here Athletics competitions. There is a hall for game species. But given the fact that the competition program has more than 20 sports, the remaining facilities will still be built. The construction of the swimming pool and the village of Athletes will already start. Meetings with the Prime Minister and other officials of Cameroon showed that they are optimistic and hope to build all the objects necessary for playing games until 2025.

What will be the first African Islamiad? According to Genghis Huseynzade, Baku, at the highest level, conducting Islamic games of 2017, set a very high bar, and comparisons with our Islamia are inevitable.

“In Cameroon, comparisons with Islamiad -2017 are constantly given in Baku. In all respects – in infrastructure, in organization, etc., it is clear that the games in the Yaunda will be weaker than ours. ISSF emphasizes that even in Camerun even in Camerun They do not try to achieve the same result as in Baku. This is almost impossible. They are told to try to do something close in level. “

One of the goals of the trip to Cameroon was to receive official guarantees from the country’s leadership that she was ready to conduct Islamiad.

“Cameroon’s authorities expressed their readiness to do everything possible for playing games. Of course, they have a weak infrastructure. We will hold more than one meeting and will control the course of preparation for the games.

I do not think that Cameroon at some point may refuse to conduct Islamiad. They understand that the legacy of these games for the country will be huge. This is in their own interests. After Islamic games, Cameroon, having ready -made infrastructure, will be able to hold any events, at least as part of the African continent. “