Georgia announced preparation of riots with participation of volunteers from Ukraine

The organizers of protests in Tbilisi against the “Law on Ino -Agents” prepare “provocations” with the involvement of Georgian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine. This is stated in the statement of the State Security Service of Georgia.

“certain groups of persons are trying to arrange provocations on promotions held by the Georgian parliament, the purpose of which is to develop destructive and violent scenarios. They are funded from abroad with specific political and non-parliamentary parties and non-governmental organizations. Georgian citizens participate in these criminal plans who are abroad, in particular, a certain part of the Georgians fighting in Ukraine, ”the statement said.

According to the department, the protesting organizers receive money from abroad in the form of cryptocurrency: “For the implementation of criminal plans, finances arriving from abroad are used, and in order to hide the tracks they use cryptocurrency. Foreign instructors conducted a training on at the end of April. Cryptocurrency transactions, on which the organizers of the action instructed about obtaining secret financing for radical actions, ”it was said.

SGB of Georgia claims that the purpose of the organizers of these protests is to seize power by violently.

According to the Georgian special services, foreign instructors train rallies for provocations against law enforcement and creating chaos in the country.

The SSB of Georgia says that the protesters plan to paralyze transport nodes, barricade administrative buildings.